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Finally! SRS at PAI in Thailand!

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Hello, beautiful ladiesss!!!

It's been such a long time since last time I posted something on here! But this time I am really really excited because I have finally decided on having my SRS at PAI in Thailand!!

Tentatively, I'll be there all of the month of November of this year. I'm still in the process of figuring out all the logistics, as the date was confirmed by the PAI lovely staff just one week ago.

So, basically, this post if to ask to all of the ladies that have had SRS in Thailand about their experience of traveling all the way there, staying there, how long did you stay there for? Is there any particular hotel you would recommend that has a good price per night? How expensive is food there?

If anyone had surgery at PAI I'd loooove to hear about their experience there.

Also, for the ladies that have had SRS in general, if you want to share a bit about your experience and the recovery process I'd highly appreciate it.
The staff at PAI mentioned that I would need to stay in Thailand until November 24th (surgery would be on the 8th), but that is just a little over two weeks post-op! I think that would be too soon to be traveling such long flights (I am from México)!!! So, how much time would you recommend I stay there? I was considering a full month, but Now I'm not that sure!

So yes, If anyone wants to share their experience, please I'd appreciate it so much!

Kind regards to everyone!

ALSO! If any of you beautiful ladies is planning on having your surgery at PAI around the same dates as me, please PM me!! I'd love to have some girlfriends along for the ride!

Hi lovely Putari,

How fabulous to read your news. Massive congratulations! Brilliant brilliant brilliant.

I have had surgery twice through PAI and you have, in my opinion, made an excellent choice.

So first up, where to stay? I highly recommend the Thonglor district. It's close to the clinic and a classy area. I stayed both times at La Petite Salil Thongklor. I cannot post the link but the address is  Sukhumvit 53 Paidee Madee, Sukhumvit Road Klongton Nue, Bangkok 10110 Thailand

It's not expensive and on tripadvisor it's actually rated the 4th best hotel in the whole of Bangkok! Not sure I'd go that far but it's a very cute, very stylish, boutique hotel.

I made a stupid mistake of travelling too soon after my FFS and actually got a blood clot. That's not to scare you but just to say you are right to be cautious about that. I flew under 2 weeks, which was not advised, but I'd say 2 weeks is the minimum. 3 weeks would be better. A full month for the whole will be a really good idea.

As I've mentioned to others on here, I would book an extra night or two in the hospital which you will have to pay for. I would also consider paying for a Thai nurse (who speaks your language) to be with you in the hotel for a couple of nights IF you don't have a companion with you. This won't cost a lot and is in my opinion well worth it.

Massive good luck and huge congratulations again.

There is good chance, possibly a very good chance, that I will be in Bangkok at some point during November. I may even be living there again. So let's stay in touch because if I'm there I'd love to give you support.

Oh and if the lovely Bune is your contact at PAI then you are in great hands. He may even bring you bird's nest soup in hospital. Sounds bad but it's great with healing properties :)



Hello, Tills!

Thank you sooo much for your encouragement! I now feel much more comfortable with my decision. I was already confident and comfortable with it, but having the opinion of someone else who has had surgery at PAI makes me feel much better.

I will definitely look up the hotel you're suggesting! I'm also trying to look into possibly staying at an Airbnb rather than a hotel, but we'll see.

And let's definitely stay in touch! The support from someone who has gone through the same as me will be very appreciated and comforting!

Thank you so much for your sweet words!!


I have been to Bangkok a few times, my dad lived their for 20 years :) Good accommodation even in the centre is so cheap. I would be tempted with a good hotel for first couple weeks, r=then find somewhere comfortable and cheaper after. The traffic in Bangkok is an absolute nightmare :) , but the food is amazing

Best of luck to you :)

Kalandrina! thank you so much for your suggestions! I definitely like what you mentioned about booking a hotel for the first two weeks maybe, and then somewhere else that is less expensive!

I am absolutely looking forward to the food! I do love Thai cuisine! I'll have a blast once I'm there, although I guess I'd have to stay away from spicy food for the first couple weeks.

Would spicy food affect the healing process? haha No idea, but sounds like a good idea to stay away from it.

Thank you for your good wishes!


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