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How does dating feel like post-op as a Trans woman dating Men?


I would send pictures but for privacy's sake, I would rather be anonymous. I am thinking and preparing for bottom surgery, but I am battling with the idea of disclosure after the surgery. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to how dating men feels like as a post-op trans woman? Do you have to keep disclosing?

Please be kind in your reply, I am baby trans.

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Disclosure is a sensitive subject. Some will say 'always', while others may say 'never'. I think for any long-term intimate relationship, disclosure is a requirement. Eventually they would probably find out, and it would most likely end the relationship. For short-term intimate relationships or friendships, you must be primarily concerned with your personal safety. Be aware that once you disclose, you will never be able to put the genie back into the bottle -- unless you relocate.

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