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Christian school that embraced the LGBTQ community is forced to close its doors


Northern Star Girl:
   Christian school that embraced the LGBTQ community is forced to close its doors

                                ABC NEWS

By Andy Fies
March 1, 2023, 3:15 AM

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A conflict over what it means to be Christian is forcing a school in Kansas City, Missouri, to close.

Urban Christian Academy is a private, K-8 school with an enrollment of 100 that describes itself as providing "a tuition-free, high-quality, Christ-centered education for low-income students."

The school’s mission statement has always stressed inclusivity in general terms, noting that following Jesus "opens up doors and makes room at the table." But last year it added a paragraph to its website, which read in part, "We are an affirming school. We stand with the LGBTQIA+ community and believe in their holiness. We celebrate the diversity of God's creation in all its varied and beautiful forms.

According to the school, that update prompted donors to stop contributing, many of them citing their interpretation of Christianity as the reason.

"We lost our network" of donors, Callaway-George told ABC News. "In December of 2021, right before we publicly supported the LGBTQ community, we raised $333,985. One year later, after we had posted on our website and made a stance, [in] December of 2022 we raised $14,809."


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