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Girls basketball team denied trophy after beating boys for championship


Girls basketball team denied trophy after beating boys for championship

Story by Kevin Harrish

A group of fifth-grade girls in Hoover, Alabama was forced to play in against boys in a recreational youth league. And not only did they compete, they also beat the boys and won the league’s championship – but the league decided not to give them the trophy or name them champions.

The girls have played in a competitive girls’ league for three years but were told they could not continue to use the city’s gyms for their practices unless they joined the city’s youth recreational league, meaning they would have to play with boys. They did that and fought their way to the league’s championship game. But before the game, they were told that they could play in the game, but would not be allowed to have the trophy if they won, according to Jayme Mashayekh, whose daughter was on the team.

The girls did indeed win the game, but the trophy was awarded to the losing boys team, instead.

“Excuse me? What? What did they do to get disqualified? Did they not pay their dues? Did they not play up a level in competition? Oh, it’s because they’re GIRLS?!?!” Mashayekh wrote in a Facebook post. “So sure enough these 5th grade girls played their hearts out, left it all on the floor and battled their male counterparts only to be told, ‘No, I’m sorry you don’t count.’”


Although this article is not directly about being transgender, it is about something related. Many anti-trans laws are being passed in order 'to protect girls sports'. Here we have a girls team who defeated a boys team, yet they were denied the winner's trophy. -- Jessica Rose


Girls basketball team that didn't get trophy wasn't snubbed, will still be recognized by city anyway

Story by Nancy Armour, USA TODAY

No, a fifth-grade basketball team wasn't deprived of trophies because its players are girls. It didn't get trophies because it was an elite team playing in a rec league tournament.

The city council in Hoover, Alabama, plans to recognize the team Monday night, anyway, along with a boys team that didn't get trophies for the same reason, following a furor sparked by a parent's Facebook post claiming the girls were victims of discrimination and misogyny.

"The two 'elite' teams that won their grade brackets have been invited to attend the Hoover City Council meeting ... so that they can be recognized for their recent victories," the city said in a statement.

"If an 'elite' team participates in an HPRD youth tournament and makes it to the championship round, they are not eligible to receive any awards/trophies. Only regular recreation teams are eligible for awards/trophies. Coaches of the 'elite' teams are made aware of and agree to these rules at the time they request to participate."

The girls team that won the boys tournament is an elite team. It's been together for three years, Mashayekh said.

That, the city said, is why the girls didn't get trophies. Because they play on an elite team. Not because they're girls. 

The plot thickens.

The first article didn't tell the whole story, so when I saw the second one I had to post it. I think there is an old saying - 'there are three sides to every story, their side, our side, and the truth which lies somewhere in between'.

Love always -- Jessica Rose


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