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Gina, the next chapter

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Gina P:
   I felt it was time to change my blog since the beast has been tamed and now has become my friend. My gender dysphoria has been in remission for some time now and my usual euphoria of being Gina has replaced it.
  I had my Trans group meeting last night. I painted my nails for the first time. I think they look great and very famine. To bad they are on hard working, large, manly hands. A little on the short side but hopefully they will grow without breaking.
  I'm hopping to start voice training soon. I am going to try and get an appointment made this week.
  Work has been crazy and I have very little free time. One employee is out and we have to try and get his work done as well as our own.
   I did some gardening last weekend. Planted the spinach. Call my Popeye, I love spinach especially fresh.

Congratulations on the nails Gina!  Another step forward!!  What color did you go with?




Congrats on this new space!… A new space for a new stage of your journey is very fitting indeed  beautiful sister!…May it be a place of joy and reflection upon all your life’s victories and continued growth to come!… Onward! 💕


Ashley 🙋‍♀️🌻💕

PS…. Love the beautiful new avatar!

Brooke Renee:
Hi Gina! 

Great photo and congrats on your next chapter!  Myself and all of your followers are always inspired to hear a positive GD story! 




I hope you voice training works out well!

Practice is important.



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