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3 years post op glottoplasty 1 year post op Lava


so some of you might remember my posts. I did glottoplasty 3 years ago in Yeson the results were very minimal improvements. Then a year ago I did Lava in spain. Here's what i noticed from both surgeries:

1) the 3-4 months post op pitch increase for my trained voice was decent with yeson's glottoplasty, went up to about 200 hz but one year on i dropped back down to nearly the same pitch as my original trained voice before the surgery which was at 178-185hz. My pre surgery trained voice was 160hz. Male voice had no change from the surgery

2) 2 months post op LAVA surgery in spain, my trained voice went up to 280 hz due to the recovery process. 4 months mark to 8 months I sounded amazing, with my pitch being at 220-230 hz for my trained voice.

3) however 1 year post op its dropped back down to 178-185 hz. no change

very depressing. I was told by Yeson that the initial pitch increase is temporary then one year it drops down again to the final pitch one year post op which is the final result. Same thing happened during my LAVA recovery.

I was considering more surgery but im starting to believe that the initial amazing pitch I experienced from both surgeries at the 4-8 month mark is only temporary due to the swelling and recovery. Its the same thing whenever I have facial plastic surgery, the 3-6 month period is when i look my best because the residual swelling actually adds a good degree of shapeliness and sweetness to my face. Then the final result one year is good but no where as perfect looking as a 3-6 month mark.

Did any of you experience what I am talking about? The intial dramatic pitch increase mid way your recovery only to plummet back down at the 1 year mark?


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