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Living in a transphobic home


It's awful. Can't transition. Can't bind or pack. Can't wear the clothes I'd like to wear. Can't even be called by my preferred name and pronouns.
It's all "girl granddaughter beautiful she/her lady female everything" all the time.

It makes me real upset. :(

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Moon:
Based on what you have said in your recent first posts I am getting the feeling
that you are of High School age ... and I realize that is a difficult issue for you
if you have non-acceptance at home with your parents or grandparents.

Since I believe that you are one of our younger members I would encourage you to go the
Youth Talk sub-forum where you can find other young people that are transitioning
such as yourself ...that may be going through similar issues.

                   Youth talk,496.0.html

There is so very much useful information on the Forums that sometimes it is difficult to
find it... so I am trying to assist you the best that I can...  if you have more questions
always feel free to contact me on my E-mail

I will be continuing to follow and read your future posting and comments around
the Forums.... but please give the Youth Talk subforum a try.

Warmest regards,
Global Moderator


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