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The transphobic comments (Tw)


She had the audacity to say "I'm sick of boys wanting to be girls, and girls wanting to be boys", "No, that's not what Non-binary means" (When I told her that Non-binary meant genders that aren't distinctly male or female, are in between, neither, you get it), "You're just confused" (When I came out as Trans to her), "He sounds like a man" (She was misgendering a transgender woman on tv) "He/she" and probably many more that I can't think of.

Also during my time in middle school, when i was out as questioning people often said/asked:
"Are you a boy or a girl" "He/she" "What's in your pants?" "You're a girl" "What are you?" "You can only be a girl" "There's only 2 genders" "You can't be Non-binary" "It" and other such remarks that I can't remember. Not to mention, I've been asked questions (based on my gender identity) that made me uncomfortable, and when I asked them to stop it, they wouldn't, until the teacher told them to, and even so it started up again a few times, making me uncomfortable and ashamed of not being Cisgender.

Those times in middle school sucked, and living with her sucks too. (


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