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Mentor, Ohio mom pulls transgender child from school due to bullying issues


Northern Star Girl:
  Mentor, Ohio mom pulls transgender child from school due to bullying issues

                                   WOIO TV  Channel 19  Cleveland, Ohio

By Katie Tercek
Published: Mar. 21, 2023 at 3:32 PM UTC
Updated: 42 minutes ago

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Mentor, Ohio (WOIO) - A tight vote on a resolution calling not to extend Title IX protections for transgender students that ended up not passing.

“I’ve had transgender students reach out to me and tell me they were afraid to go to school because then they come into school after listening to the parents at the school board meetings, they know that they’re going to be attending school with their children and then their children come in and then harass these transgender students at our schools,” said Anne Anderson.

Days before the board meeting, Anderson said tensions were already building up.

Her daughter, Bradie, says she was getting bullied by her classmates for being transgender.

“I was texting my mom every day like come pick me up, come pick me up and she would say no but it just got to the point one day where it was so bad I was just like I can’t. So my mom was like we can’t keep picking you up from school every day, if you ask me one more time you gotta go. I can’t keep letting you be like this,” said Bradie.

Anderson decided to make the call and pull Bradie from the district, and send her to a different school. Anderson said she wants her child to be in an environment where she doesn’t get bullied.


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