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At a crossroad....

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Hi Ladies,

When did you know you were at a crossroads? I mean, go this way and the status quo is maintained. Go the other and all I can say is "In for a penny, in for a pound!".

I am at that point. It just seems the roadblocks are never-ending. It's not that I am not up for a good challenge or I don't have a firm idea on what I want to be - because I DO! This is exhausting. Thank you for the therapy.


Northern Star Girl:
Dear Becca:
Since you are addressing your topic and post to the
ladies here on the Forums I am assuming that are AMAB MTF.

We also have a good number of FTM transitioners here as well so
I want to make it clear that we have both males and females here
and not just ladies.

In my opinion and in my own experience I think that there are
several crossroads in any transition journey.
Many transistioners start out by "underdressing" or crossdressing
Next would be going out "dressed"  ... usually starting out somewhat
androgynous and then fully dressing in clothes in your desired gender...   
...then progressing to makeup, jewelry, hair, manicures, etc.

Then come the "big deal" crossroads:
 >  coming out to your loved ones, family, friends and at work.
 >  After that might be starting Hormone Replacement Therapy
        that is prescribed and followed up by your doctor.
 > and if so desired, progressing to going Full Time

Continue reading the many topics and posts here on the Forums.   
There is a wealth of information and member experiences that
can be very helpful for you.

Best wishes as you continue on.


I can say that the slippery slope is real… the more that you spend as yourself, the more you recognize how great it is to be yourself, and the more you trend to being yourself.  I’ve stood at a crossroad nearly every day of my journey- and sometimes it is honestly going from roadblock to roadblock… but how are you handling those?  Are they the roadblocks you just drive around, or the roadblocks where the landslide obliterated the road…. And honestly asking yourself what are the things that truly matter to you…. And in that answer perhaps you can get a bit of clarity as to which side of that crossroad you should be walking towards.



I had been seeing a therapist for anxiety/depression issues for a while, then started going what I would then have called cross-dressed.  She was happy to talk to 'him' or to me.  It was when I reached the end of a session and realised I would have to "cross dress" as male to go home that in the words of a video game - "Game Over".

Most people take 'baby steps', they take things slowly to help them determine the right path for themselves . This path is quite common, and there will be many crossroads. In my case, the realization of who I was came as an epiphany. I had two choices, continue down a road which would take me deeper into darkness, or transition. Making the decision only took a few minutes, then it was full speed ahead.

Love always -- Jessica Rose


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