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'My Trans Daughter Isn't Allowed to Use Girls' Bathrooms at School Anymore'


'My Trans Daughter Isn't Allowed to Use Girls' Bathrooms at School Anymore'

Story by Alex Kolker

"Unfortunately, according to new Iowa law starting immediately," said the email from an official representative of the Iowa Department of Education concerning my transgender daughter, "your child will no longer be able to use the girls bathrooms or locker room at our school."

"Counselors and administrators have brainstormed ideas and come up with the following options," the email continued. "Your child can use: A) the nurse's restroom B) the individual staff restrooms in the counseling office lounge C) any of the boys restrooms."

Let's leave politics, religion, genetics, and psychology out of this and consider a simple question: What happens to a 12-year-old boy who chooses to dress like a girl when he walks unprotected into a locker room filled with unsupervised teenaged boys?

Understand that my daughter has been on hormone blockers since she was 10; not to change her gender, but just to hold off on the decision until she is old enough to make it.

This means that she still has the body of a 10-year-old, and half the boys that the State of Iowa wants to put her in a locker room with are just now experiencing their first taste of testosterone.

This is more than just putting a target on my child's back. This is more than just a recipe for disaster. This is sadistic and cruel.

It is so disgusting what this country is turning into.


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