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Transitioning 2nd puberty


I know this might sound dumb, but I’ve been shocked with how my bodies been changing. Maybe I had some unrealistic thoughts about how my body would change, but as the estrogen has taken effect I’ve been becoming a lot thicker than I expected in my legs not just my butt, and not just the regular amount . I was suprised as no one in my family is built like that and again I wasn’t expecting that as I’m not really heavy, I’m just very big 6 foot 4 inches and 215lb.

I like being curvy it’s just that it’s not just my butt getting the fat it’s all of my legs. I know I’ll probably get even bigger as it’s only been 6 months on estordial.

I’m not gonna lie I feel a little weird as I’m still an athlete and can lift the the same amount as I did before. It’s just  I’m no longer athletic looking compared to males which I knew would happen, but even compared to females I am just starting to be very big and jiggly everywhere even though I technically weigh like 8lbs less than pre transitioning.

I’m not 2nd guessing transitioning, I’m very happy. It just feels really different.

Is it normal to feel like this?

Women typically put excess weight on their thighs and rear. Men typically put weight on their belly, while their thighs do not. This is a normal effect of hormone therapy.

Yes I know that. I was saying I was shocked how much

I understand, I was also little shocked how my body reacted to my 2nd puberty.

I am very happy with the result. I also picked up curvy figure, but I was expecting that, as all the women in my family have larger toughs and bums. I know most woman dont like that, for me its cool as I rock a pair of jeans ;D

It was the breast growth that surprised me. you that unwritten rule, that says, trans women are normally one cup smaller than their mothers. I actually wear a bigger bra size than my mother.  Full disclosure, my mother has the smallest breasts of a family of large breasted women, so maybe I took after that.

Still very happy with the result.

Regardless of how much or how little we develop, our family traits are just that, what is to be expected. We are all individuals and we develop our own unique bodies.

I never expected to be able to pass when I first started hormone therapy. However, today there is absolutely no doubt and my hips and thighs are well developed, more than I expected. Sometimes things just work out for the best.  :D


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