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Neighbor moved away.


Hi everyone. Quite recently something happened with one of my neighbors. I live in the country so a "neighbor" isn't exactly next door. My father heard from one of our nicer neighbors that this guy absolutely hates us. That's the neighbor who moved away. Apparently he was a strict catholic and a bit of a nutcase.
His wife and him actually ended up getting divorced, go figure. Anyway, since he found out I was transgender he ended up become extremely jealous of my family. I figured if he moved because he's transphobic then good riddance. That's not someone worth my time anyway.
Has something like this ever happened to anyone else? This was a first for me.

I guess I can only say the opposite, wherever I have lived I have had nice neighbours. The latest set are lovely and I live on the end of a 3 house terrace so really close. I am certain they know I am a transgender woman it is difficult to hide due to my home issues and we have chats outside.
My last set of neighbours gave me a hug when we left. If anyone hates me I am not aware and I am not naive to think that there could not be.


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