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HRT for MTF: When does noticeable body changes taper off?

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For those of you who are MTF and under a medically supervised HRT regimen:  When does noticeable body changes taper off?  I realize that some of us experience very little body change or at least, not as much as desired.  I think the likely answer is that it is different for each individual. 

For those noticing a lack of meaningful further body changes, do you think it is because of your age?  If so, did you notice this ”change reduction” in your 40s, 50s, or later?  Were you on HRT for at least five years?

For those noticing a lack of meaningful further body changes, do you think it is because of the length of time you have been taking estrogen (or whatever your complete MTF HRT regimen is)?  That is, after you have been on medical HRT for five years or more, did you notice a “change reduction”?

Many of us are lucky, we get some nice changes over time.  But then, little in the way of further changes.


After the mad early months, I found the changes had been steady over the next 2 years. I am now 4 years and although changes seem to have slowed I still can still be surprised when I do notice something.

Breast development I am convinced is still progressing although seemingly slower you have to bear in mind that every gram increase has less visual effect as the mass grows. Hence my statement when I look and see that they have filled out more. I am convinced I am not at the end yet.

I do not think age is that relevant, i am 70 and these changes have happened to me.  I know I am lucky and every journey is different. Whatever HRT is taken whatever age it comes down to what will be


This is an interesting topic to me, I'm 65 yrs old and had an orchiectomy in April, 2021 (2yrs ago) and have also been on estradiol for about the same time. I've notice thinning of body hair, softer skin, loss of muscle mass (my shoulders aren't as broad as they use to be), I might be a little calmer and tire a little easier. My breast have definitely grown to about a B cup,  and are still growing, my areolas have gotten much larger. my breasts are something that I was really worried about initially, but I really do enjoy them now. I do wonder how much more growth will occur and how much longer they'll hurt for. They are different than cisgender breasts although they've become rounder and pointier  they do lay more to the side than to the front of my chest. I think this is because of my age I was fully developed when I started my journey. I consider myself to be gender fluid and I'm becoming more comfortable wearing an type of shirt when ever I go out, although my areolas do have a tendency of showing themselves when I wear tank tops...oops....By the way I do present myself as a male. Thanks for the topic.

Allie Jayne:
Everyone is different, I have read accounts of young people who had little development on HRT, and middle aged people who experienced development spurts at 7 or even after 10 years on HRT. Generally speaking, older people don't get as much effect as younger people as older body functions generally slow down. There are so many variables from genetics, to your bodies ability to uptake drugs, to the skill of your doctor and which hormones you are on. There seems to be a higher success rate among people whose doctors tailor their treatment to them, and are willing to try different things to doctors who prescribe off set procedures.

I have spoken to a doctor who asserts that many people on HRT take hormones which mature their cells (like progesterone) far too early, and actually limit their development. There still has not been sufficient research and teaching of doctors to ensure quality care and the medications we use are all developed for cis people, and possibly not optimal for our needs.

 I started HRT after decades of hypogonadism so I hadn't fully matured as a male and had a full head of hair, some breast growth, and little body hair. My genitals had already atrophied and withdrawn internally before starting HRT at 65, but I didn't get much development from HRT as I have a problem uptaking drugs. But, there are absolutely no guarantees with HRT, and we get what we get.




--- Quote from: ChrissyRyan on March 24, 2023, 10:26:02 pm ---For those of you who are MTF and under a medically supervised HRT regimen:  When does noticeable body changes taper off?  ...

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About 3 to 5 years depending on numerous factors such as age, general health, diet and exercise.

Young people in their teens and 20's seem to respond much earlier that older transitioners, probably because older transitioners have so much residuals from years of Testosterone to overcome.

Healthy people respond better than someone who has other health issues, such as diabetes.

Keep in mind that some people just do not look like fashion models, no matter what their hormone levels are or how long they were on hormones. I know that is not fair, but when you talk about hormone effects, it sometimes is reality.


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