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What are your thoughts on tipping?

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I realize that some of you live in countries where charges for services provided automatically include tipping, and perhaps if you give more some people like that and some people do not, and no one expects extra tips.

But let us say you go to a restaurant and tips are not included automatically (they are included at some percentage level for bigger parties, and some catering, especially at hotels) in that country…

Should you give a tip for a carry out order?  Like when you go to a fish and chips place, and take home the food to eat.  If you use a fast food drive though restaurant, do you tip for that service?  So, what is the difference there in terms of level of service provided?  I cannot see leaving a tip for someone who hands you a bag of food at a drive through but there are times when a tip should be given for a carry out order.  Especially so when you eat perhaps at the same place often and you always get good service.

Do you tip on the total tab, including taxes?

I do not eat out that often, but I tend to be generous because many of the servers do not get paid that well and they rely on their tips.  I do not like it when tips are included in advance unless you are assured that you will indeed get good food and good service. 

Also, many people do not realize this; but, servers at many restaurants are required to share their tips with cooks, hosts, dishwashers, even other servers.  In that case, sometimes I wonder if that is fair, I guess it depends!

I suppose one can differentiate your tip based on the quality and quantity of service you receive, which make sense also.  If you go to a buffet and you get little or no real service, is that a tipping situation?  That is different from a carryout order.

What I do not like is people not leaving a tip when it should be left.  This reminds me of the story of the little girl who went to get an ice cream cone at the counter but only ordered one scoop because the other dollar of her two dollars she had was for the tip.  Those that have little often can be the most generous, based on what they have to give.

It does seem that the tip percentage that is customary has gone up.  15% was considered a full tip, but not so anymore in many places. 

This discussion does not have to be limited to restaurant tipping if you desire to share comments about that.


I tip heavily and often. :)

Just watch the first 10mins of Reservoir Dog and it kinda explains it all lol


--- Quote from: Devlyn on March 25, 2023, 12:25:31 pm ---I tip heavily and often. :)

--- End quote ---

Does that mean you are tipsy often @Devlyn ?

No, I know that is not the case.  LOL

It is good to be a good tipper.  I would rather eat out less often and tip well than eat out more often and leave a mediocre size tip.  I did not eat out at all during the pandemic but now it is unusual for me to not eat a lunch or dinner during any week of the month it seems.  More if traveling of course.

But, I do not tip if using a drive through service lane at a fast food restaurant.


Ok I will be serious, tipping is rarely done in the UK, but when I am in the US I tip well.


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