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UK’s new voter ID law: What trans and non-binary people need to know


Northern Star Girl:
  UK’s new voter ID law: What trans and non-binary people need to know


Mar 27, 2023
Written by Maggie Baska

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The UK’s new voter ID law has sparked fears that trans and non-binary people could become disenfranchised – but there are ways to cast your vote without a photo ID.
...all voters will be required to present photo ID before they can receive their ballot.

Polling station clerks will verify voters’ photos and making sure the name on the ID matches what is on the electoral register.

Craig Westwood, director of communications, policy and research at the Electoral Commission, says people may have concerns about “whether the photo ID looks like them as they do at the moment, or about gender markers”.

“The people in polling stations are not going to be checking those, but I could understand that people might have concerns about that,”

Apart from the new ID requirement, Westwood says the voting process will be mostly the same: staff will ask for a name and address as usual, before checking a voter’s ID. They shouldn’t check the gender marker, address or nationality on ID cards.

“There is the option, if people are concerned about their ID and about that being checked in a public setting, for them to be checked in a private area in polling stations,”


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