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Trans woman awaits ruling from Australian basketball league


Northern Star Girl:
   Trans woman awaits ruling from Australian basketball league

                              Associated Press   AP NEWS

Wednesday, March 29, 2023
2 hours ago

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BRISBANE, Australia (AP) — A transgender female player is awaiting a decision from Basketball Australia on whether she can compete in a second-tier division of the women’s national league, adding to the global debate over the issue in sport.

Lexi Rodgers revealed in a podcast that she is the trans woman applying to play in the NBL1 competition.

Rodgers said she made her identity public so people would see the “trans player” being referred to in mainstream and social media as a person, not an unknown entity.

“I am Lexi Rodgers, I’m not non-existent,” she said on the podcast. “Because when it’s this hypothetical person and people are making a picture of what a transgender athlete looks like in their head; one, I don’t think it’s me; and two, I think it’s a bit harsh, and people just forget that there’s actually a person.”
Rodgers said she was “still the same person” she was before she transitioned, “just in a different wrapping.”

Basketball Australia has set up a panel to discuss her application to play in the upcoming NBL1 South season for Melbourne suburban team the Kilsyth Cobras, starting next month. Local media reported the panel met Wednesday to discuss Rodgers’ case.


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