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Transgender Women Are Women - So Why Has World Athletics Banned Them?


Transgender Women Are Women - So Why Has World Athletics Banned Them From Competing?

Story by Natasha Marsh

In a perfect world, all people could participate in the sport of their choice - regardless of skill set, physical abilities, skin color, gender, age, or background. And although there's a growing desire to increase inclusion in the sports world (think: facilities determined to be a safe space for LGBTQ+ athletes and advocates for diverse representation), a recent announcement by World Athletics, the international organization for track and field, seeks to set the transgender community back.

Lord Sebastian Coe, president of the group, announced last week that transgender women would no longer be allowed to compete in the "female category" at international events - claiming the decision was "guided by the science around physical performance," per a press release from the organization. The ruling applies to all athletes who have transitioned after puberty, based on the belief that their testosterone levels had developed enough to give them the upper hand in competitive sports. "We're not saying no forever," Coe continued, explaining that a group will review the decision and underlying research on the claim over a 12-month period before re-evaluating.

The cruel irony is that this ruling takes effect on March 31, International Transgender Day of Visibility.


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