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Sports writers express solidarity with trans people in sports


Sports writers express solidarity with trans people in sports

Story by Ben Natan

Sports journalists have a responsibility to speak up and speak out against the escalating attacks on transgender people in sports and beyond. This is an expression of our solidarity in this fight for the safety and dignity of transgender athletes and the trans community at large.

In the last three years, an onslaught of laws targeting trans Americans have come up through state legislatures across the country. In the first three months of 2023, dozens of anti-trans laws have made their way through committees, with some actually becoming law. These laws include limiting or outright banning gender-affirming care, criminalizing chosen gender expression, and critically, bans on trans athletes participating in sports leagues that reflect their gender identity. Many of these laws specifically target children, their education, and their freedom to participate in recreational activities.

Sports has become a very public battleground for the anti-trans movement. Public hysteria over trans athletes competing in leagues that reflect their gender identity has been a catalyst in the legislative movement to criminalize and erase trans people from visible public life. In 2022, there were over 55 bills put through committee that would ban specifically transgender girls and women from competing in sports leagues for girls and women.


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