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RAF says transgender cadets can wear uniform of either sex...


RAF says transgender cadets can wear uniform of either sex and advises on chest binders

Story by Robert Mendick

Royal Air Force cadets can wear uniforms of either sex under diversity rules that also allow transgender boys to wear controversial chest binders.

The policy – leaked to The Daily Telegraph – lists Mermaids, under statutory inquiry by the Charity Commission, as one of the external organisations that should be used for “support and advice”.

The guidance, updated in September 2022, prevents commanders in charge of cadet squadrons from informing parents that their children are transitioning unless they are given permission to do so.

Cadets, who have begun transitioning, are “permitted to use facilities, such as toilets and ablutions” of the gender of their choosing, the policy also states.

In a foreword to the latest documents, known as Air Cadet Publication 15, Air Commodore Tony Keeling, the head of the RAF Air Cadets, said: “I expect every member… to embrace a strong understanding of diversity and inclusion… and be unafraid to discuss the lived experience of others who are different to ourselves. Together we must ensure that everyone can be comfortable in sharing their views and do not feel compelled to fit into established, but outdated, norms.”

I'm really not sure how to feel about this. I want to say it's a good thing. But when you dig deeper into it, this seems to be another thing used in a conflict between people on both sides of the issue.

I will say I think it's a step in the right direction, considering back when I was in the Navy, women weren't even allowed to serve on submarines. It's very depressing to hear people talk of "Gender Ideology", though. And wade through the mire of this whole "woke" thing. I can't help feeling like people who are against all this stuff are against it for the exact same reasons as people advocating it are for it. It all comes down to a sense of identity.


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