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First days of MtF HRT: my experience.

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On Tuesday, April 4, 2023, I took my first doses of estradiol (transdermal patch) and spironolactone. Two weeks ago, I was prescribed gender-affirming hormones after seeing a physician through my Plume subscription, although I decided to delay starting HRT for two weeks due to some minor-but-unrelated health concerns I had.

I’m not sure whether this was a simply a placebo effect, but I experienced one of the most profound, positive emotional changes I’ve ever felt within a few hours after starting HRT. I’m a naturally-nervous person who has occasional panic attacks. I’ll also add that before my first HRT dose on Tuesday, I was quite wired-up with anger earlier that day. Yet shortly after starting HRT, I felt this wonderful sensation of inner peace and calmness envelop me.

The difference in my mental state felt like night and day. I felt most anger and anxiety suppressed. While there are other medications I take for anxiety, I knew this was different.

 I will note that on the second and third days, I noticed a decrease in both my energy level
 and my libido, and that I also noticed some of my negative emotions returning. Regardless, I feel more in control with respect to the expression of negative emotions.

I cannot say that these effects will happen for everyone, because they won’t. This experience is specific to my circumstances, both physical and mental, some of which I’d prefer not to disclose, and some of which I might not be aware of.

Quite frankly, I had feared starting HRT because I was worried about it changing my mental state. I guess it changed for the better  ;)

Northern Star Girl:
Dear BC:
          Congratulations to YOU regarding finally starting your HRT regimen.   :eusa_clap: :eusa_dance:

What you described is not an uncommon occurrence with MTF  hormone replacement therapy....  if you do some more reading around the forums and especially here on the "Hormone replacement therapy" sub-forum where you submitted your posting, you will find that many members have testified about their mental state improving, becoming kinder and gentler, etc.

Now that you have officially started HRT you will be thinking about what physical changes will be coming your way and how quickly you may notice the transforming effects of HRT.

Take a moment to read the following thread.... you may find that there are perhaps answers to your questions:
                           MTF timeline for Hormone Replacement Therapy,251312.msg2337372.html#msg2337372

I will be eagerly following your postings with your comments and thoughts as you feel comfortable sharing on the various threads here on the Susan's Place Forums.

HUGS and best wishes to you as you continue on in your journey.

Traci M Knight:
Dear BC,

Let me too offer my congratulations on starting HRT. I too am one of those who felt almost an immediate elevation of mood. After a few days I was almost giddy with elation after many years of being in a dark funk. Last year my prescriber was checking on me before renewing my prescriptions and I told her my mental outlook was so much better that I couldn't imagine stopping my HRT.

Best wishes on your journey!



I felt something very similar, some sense of brain euphoria.


--- Quote from: BC on April 07, 2023, 03:34:16 am ---... Yet shortly after starting HRT, I felt this wonderful sensation of inner peace and calmness envelop me.

--- End quote ---

The same thing happened to me with my first few doses. This is a very real feeling that many of us experience.

You could just say that this is an emotional thing and it is just all in our heads, but for myself and many others, we find this to be so powerful that we never want to go back to our previous life. My positive sensations made it clear to me what path I needed to follow, regardless of any negative consequences.

Today, I have done all the things that I wanted to do for my transition. Life is wonderful. Life is worth living.  ;)


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