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So I started testosterone about 8 years ago- I was on it for about a year, Nebido injections…

I came off it due to moving and my doctor wouldn’t prescribe it to me without the nhs gender clinic- I just went private with gp gender and I should be starting gel in next two months..

I’m currently living in a hostel for people with mental health as being diagnosed schizophrenic..

I have been here about 2.6 years and I’m a f2m with a beard that has grown since my last time on testosterone- my voice hasn’t broken but I get away with it being androgynous

There’s mostly boys here and they have befriended me.. it’s never come up otherwise I would be a little open about it I’m 34 and look 18.

I’ve never had to deal with the coming out before.. since I’ve always lived in my own but last week ( there’s staff that sometimes call me she..

When me and another resident an older lady were out side the staff member said I’m going out with the girls for a fag- immediately the resident said I was a boy.. she brushed it off when the staff said she didn’t mean it but only for another staff member to say she to her - she asked if I was a real boy and if I was f2m which I said maybe and she said I obviously don’t wanna talk about it..

She hasn’t told the boys yet but I got a feeling it will come up again…
I’m really nervous for them treating me differently or thinking I was lying to them??

Any help with regards to my situation?

Many thanks

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