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30 northern US states will be able to see the northern lights tonight....


Northern Star Girl:
     30 northern US states will be able to see the northern lights tonight. Here's where.                                             

                                USA TODAY News

By:  Jordan Mendoza
Sunday - April 23, 2023

Excerpts below  (Click Link above to view entire story and photos)
It could be a colorful night sky for more than half of millions of people in the northern U.S. as the aurora borealis, or northern lights, could make an appearance in more than half of the country.

The possibility of seeing the dazzling display comes after the sun had a solar flare erupt on Friday that was directed toward Earth, according to the NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center. As a result, 30 states will have the chance to see the the aurora borealis, stretching from Washington to Maine, and as far south as Kansas, the Space Weather Prediction Center says, as long as weather conditions permit.

The Space Weather Prediction Center issued a G2 (moderate) geomagnetic storm watch into Sunday night, with a chance of a G3 (strong) developing later in the night.

"Aurora viewing is likely in the United States tonight as Earth is impacted by a strong solar storm.

The NOAA says the best time to see the northern lights is between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. local time. At that time, officials advise people to get away from city lights to see the the aurora borealis.
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Here where I live in Alaska, at a far up Northern Latitude not too far from the Arctic Circle, there
have been spectacular displays of the Aurora Borealis this later winter and early spring because
of the unusually high activity of the Sun affecting the Earth's Magnetic Field...
....that is what makes the "light show"
I live in a very small town, far from any big city light pollution, so along with the "stars and the night sky"
the Northern Lights are bright and clear and a sight to behold.... as long it is a clear night and not cloudy.
Where I live, the Northern Lights are very high in the sky, sometimes just about overhead, but
in the lower latitudes the light display will usually be just above the Northern Horizon.

This is not just a USA happening.... the Northern Lights can be seen in the northern latitudes all around
the globe in Europe and Asia .... and in the Southern Hemisphere the "Southern Lights (Aurora Australis) 
display will be just as spectacular.


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