Author Topic: Trans in NL advice line: new WhatsApp line for transgender migrants  (Read 500 times)

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Trans in NL advice line: new Whatsapp line for transgender migrants

April 20 2023

There is a new WhatsApp line for transgender people who have not been in the Netherlands that long. Here everyone can approach easily with questions about care, discrimination, regulatory matters and meeting.

(English, Spanish and French below)
Whether you are a refugee, expat, labor migrant, status holder or international student: it is not always clear how you can find your way as a trans person in the Netherlands. How does the healthcare system work? Where can you go if you have been discriminated against? How do you adjust your gender registration? And where do you find like-minded people?

With these and other questions you can contact the Trans in NL advice line of Transgender Network from Thursday 20 April. You send an app to (+31)(020-2446558 and on working days you will receive an answer within 24 hours. You can ask your questions in Dutch, English, Spanish or French.

Initiators of Trans in NL advice line are Samira Hakim and Alejandra Ortiz. “We regularly visited asylum seekers' centers where we spoke with trans people,” says Hakim. Sometimes this was at the invitation of the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers, sometimes on their own initiative. “We noticed that trans asylum seekers do not always know what their rights are, even though they encounter many problems. For example, because they do not receive the care they need.”
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