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Not sure if i fit this topic or just weird


I was born most outter part of my body is female. However, I'm strong like male. I do have small adam apple. I feel im half of both gender. However, My brain is telling me I'm a male but outside give me different picture. When i dream I become a male in dream. Sound crazy yeah, but all true. I think and act more male than female. before any hormone I look like i can be both gender. Now I'm slowly change to male side.

Welcome to the site, have a look around and don't forget to read the rules. It's not crazy. Many of us have felt that way. Before transition, I was male in most of my dreams. Now I'm me in my dreams finally.


Thanks, oh can u tell me where i can find the rule ? i hope i didnt break any rule.

FYI: The Site Rules


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