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Gina P:
Just wondering if anyone  experiences vivid dreams since starting HRT. Since being on E my dreams have been very vivid and detailed like watching a full feature movie that goes on and on and in the most detail. They don't pertain to any particular thing going on in my life, just long and sometimes a little crazy. Most nights I have them. I wake in the morning like a bubble rising to the surface of a lake, coming back from another world.

Courtney G:
Yes, Gina, I do sometimes have those. I wasn't much of a dreamer before HRT, or I simply didn't remember or wake from dreams often, not sure. But since HRT, I've had a wide range of dreams. My dreams are kicked up a couple of notches when I'm using progesterone cream.

Allie Jayne:
After starting HRT I began remembering dreams, prior to that I would get a flash of my dreams when I woke, then they would be gone. My psychologist thought not remembering my dreams might have been self defence as they were likely nightmares. My dreams now are nothing special, and sometimes a bit confused.



I’ve always been a dreamer. I dream in full color and with sound. Many times I have solved a vexing engineering problem in my dreams. Interestingly in my dreams I have the same laser focus on the problem as I do in real life. I refer to this as being in the zone.

However since being on progesterone I dream virtually every night. I’ve been dreaming even when I nod off during the day. My dreams have become so vivid I have started to reach for things in my dreams, waking myself up from a sound sleep to a light sleep!

Like everyone else, I have several recurring dreams/themes since childhood…



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