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Have you tried escargot?

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Have you tried escargot?  Was it tasty or repulsive or bland or…?


Northern Star Girl:
No thank you.....  I don't wish to eat slimy snails, bugs, or ..........???

Give me a steak, chicken, pizza, spaghetti, or a Hamburger instead

Yes and yes I love escargot because of the delicious garlic and herb butter they are served in. Least that is the way I have always had them.

I once had them at a friends wedding, pigged myself as nobody else wanted them!!

They are one of my favourite foods... they sometimes sell them in Lidl in the UK, frozen.. and they are good.. but to have them fresh in a Parisian restaurant is just divine.
I also like muscles and cockles too.. (please, keep your mind out of the gutter!!) :-)

Yeeeeeeeeees, and they are extraordinarily delicious.
The tastiest are served, from my point of view, in France, and of course they will be served with a sauce that is a poem.
I like to choose them as a first or second starter.
A special attention also needs to be paid to the wine that goes with it. I prefer a medium-bodied, fruity red wine, but that depends of a matter of personal taste.


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