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DeSantis signs slew of anti-transgender rights measures into law...


DeSantis signs slew of anti-transgender rights measures into law, affecting bathrooms, healthcare, and pronouns

Story by Kimberly Leonard (17 May 2023)

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida signed four bills into law Wednesday that will deeply disrupt the lives of transgender people in the state, whether it be over access to healthcare, bathroom use, lessons about LGBTQ+ topics, or pronouns in schools.

One of the new laws criminalizes instances in which people use bathrooms that don't match the gender they were assigned at birth.

"Our state government should be focused on solving pressing issues, not terrorizing people who are simply trying to use the restroom and exist in public," Jon Harris Maurer, Equality Florida Public Policy Director, said.

Another bill DeSantis signed into law Wednesday prevents doctors from offering treatments such as hormone therapy, puberty blockers, and surgery — such as breast removal — to transgender minors, even in cases where parents consent. It also allows Florida courts to interfere when minors seek treatment outside Florida and obligates doctors to share certain state-sanctioned material with adults receiving transgender healthcare.

Last week DeSantis also signed a measure into law that allows healthcare providers and health insurance companies to refuse care on "religious, moral, or ethical" grounds — exemptions that are expected to disproportionately affect transgender people seeking care.

DeInsanity is a grease stain on America. Brylcreem to be exact.

Allison R:
I am concerned about my appointment in July with the way things are going here in FL. Part of what he signed says that it has to be an MD to prescribe instead of letting NP's do it as well so waiting times are going to go thru the roof. I am also concerned that he seems to keep asking for names of patients as well. That sounds like a round up list to me. I am not going to cancel the appointment because I might not get another in this state now, but I am going to be interrogating the doctor before they get any kind of commitment from me.


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