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Rose Dawson:
I recently started shaving my inner thighs (using a sensitive skin razor and shaving gel) and things looked great up until a week ago.

The problem is that I've developed these red bumps, which have turned into huge red bumps, that are extremely itchy and unsightly looking. Is this a common problem of in-grown hairs? Has anyone else experienced this? And finally......any quick way to get rid of them?  ???

Thank you!  ;D

Hard to say if they are ingrown hairs, you should be able to figure that out over time. As if you continue having them, and they don't get less and less as you shave them over time. See a doctor, and get checked out. I say this because with myself, after two years of shaving, things got worse and worse, and it was due to an over production of histamines in my body, so for me, taking benadrill solved the problem. But honestly, it's hard to tell very early on.

It's kind of ironic, my own TSness, caused me to find a cancer in it's early stages.

change your razor... it could be boils .. if you shave over a boil, and you cut it open, the stuff inside is contageous... they'll spread.... I wouldn't shave untillt he bumps go away and try a new razor... see if that might help....

it also could be razor rash... try shaving evey 3rd day or so instead of every day for a while....

make sure you're using warm water... use baby oil or lotion afterwords :)

I know we live in a world where the sun is our enemy, and we're supposed to lather on 4,000 SPF lotion every 60 seconds, but...

When I started shaving my legs a year ago the bumps got really bad, but they went away after a month or so.  Whether or not it had anything to do with the fact that I was going to the tanning bed at the time... I don't know.  Ever since then I usually have some sort of bumps on my inner thighs, but they're no where near as bad as they were initially.  I find that when I have even a little color on my skin, aka a tan, everything clears up nicely.

For example, I had little bumps there until about two weeks ago, which is when I went to the beach for the first time this year.  I have a nice tan now, and they are as clear as they've ever been.

Here is a secret my gf told me....rub Neosporin (or any antibiotic cream) where you are having problems..right after shaving!

I works wonders!



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