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During my most recent endocrinologist visit, my doctor said we should think about whether I should do a "menopause," apparently meaning reducing or stopping HRT (estradiol.)  I am 69 years old.

She said there are some concerns for older women (both trans and cis) about long-term HRT, blood clots and some other stuff I don't remember.  She said there have been no studies on the advisability of staying on estradiol through old age vs. reducing or stopping, so she couldn't really make any recommendation: it is up to me.  It was one of those "on the one hand, ...., on the other...." things. (Reminds me of the anecdote about some president or other wishing for a "one-handed economist.")

Has anyone here had this brought up by a doctor?  Does anyone here have experience one way or the other?

I brought it up with my doctor, whether I should reduce my levels after the "magic" was done. She acknowledged that there isn't much research on the topic and agreed with me that at some point it might be best to reduce my hormone levels to those appropriate for someone my age (62).

My endo had the same thought. His goal was to always keep my estrogen level in line with CIS woman my age. Especially since both my mother and grandmother died of strokes. FYI I was already in my 60s when I started HRT.


My Endo wanted me (70) to reduce the E a bit, but was happy for it to be 4-500pmol/L just the 800 I am allegedly at the moment was too high (recently changed delivery but same dose)

Did some research and found a study on lingual oestrogen pills, the way I take them, and found there is a massive E spike about 30min to an hour after taking that takes about 3hours to get back to base level. I will be more careful next bloods to not take any at least 3 hrs before they are done.

In my country above 50 they strongly advise to use E through skin (gel or pads) in stead of pills. Indeed to avoid blood cloths. Lowering E above 50 or 60 is not common, eventho  i especially asked about that. I used a time half advised dose gel for a test but must say feel better with normal dose for instance less flashing while sleeping. The week when going to down in dosage no emotional difference, going back to normal dosage was a bit emotional, after a week I was back to normal emotion level.


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