Author Topic: Some days transitioning seems such an immense undertaking (because it is!)  (Read 9605 times)

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Getting ready in the morning is definitely easier with usage. Choosing the clothes for the day does depend on the day, for work I have a stock 6-7 clothe sets that I tend to choose on mood but must be different every day. If it’s a special day I do spend time putting on and taking off a few times to get the image I want. Makeup I can do a full face in about 15mins, CC concealer, powder to blend and remove shine, eyebrow fill, mascara, eyeshadow, lip liner and lipstick. I have been practicing eyeliner but not confident with that yet.

This is all natural now.

Hugs xx

I remember setting out maybe three sets of clothes on the bed to help me decide what to wear.
Then it was just two.  Now I have a better skillset and can just look in the closet, for the most part.

I go light on the makeup.

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It is not usually about how fast you transition, it is about how well you transition.  

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In my observation of other women, and this certainly applies to myself....
... there are times when I am dressing for the day or for a special outing, that
I may try on several tops, several dresses, etc until I find an outfit that
I am happy with.....

Back in the days of my "previous" self.... I would just put on any "old" thing
and go out the door without any fuss.

It is much more complicated and time consuming as a woman.

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