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Russia Moves to Ban Trans Health Care


Northern Star Girl:
     Russia Moves to Ban Trans Health Care

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Kyle Knight
Senior Researcher, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights Program
June 2, 2023 10:47AM EDT | Dispatches

EXCERPTS Below: (Click NEWS Link Below to view entire story)
Elected officials in Russia have proposed a new law that would ban transgender people from accessing gender affirming health services – including voluntary surgeries – while allowing operations on intersex children to be carried out without their consent. The bill also prohibits people from changing their name and gender marker on official documents.

The bill essentially infringes on the rights of both transgender people and intersex children. Consenting transgender adults who seek medical interventions to affirm their gender identity will be barred from those services while children born with variations in their sex characteristics – also known as intersex children – will continue to be subjected to medically unnecessary, nonconsensual surgeries to “normalize” their healthy bodies....

The hypocrisy of not allowing adults to make decisions about their bodies while allowing irreversible, unnecessary, and high-risk operations to be carried out on children is not unique to Russia but rather part of a cynical and exploitative anti-rights tilt politicians around the world are taking.

Russian politicians are harming transgender and intersex people by continuing to deploy cynical “family values” rhetoric to uphold regressive ideas about gender and sexuality while assaulting informed consent rights for adults and children.

Putin hates transpeople and when a fellow American mirrors Putin, they're following the lead of the Poisoner who shoots missiles at civilians.


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