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Trans womb transplants ‘~years’ away after UK’s 1st successful op on cis patient


Northern Star Girl:
 Trans womb transplants ‘10 to 20 years’ away after UK’s first successful operation on cis patient


Aug 23, 2023
Written by Chantelle Billson

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A surgeon who carried out the UK’s first womb transplant on a cisgender woman has said similar transplants for transgender women are probably about 10 to 20 years away.

In February, Imperial College London professor, James Smith, and his colleague, Isabel Quiroga, from the Oxford Transplant Centre, carried out the womb transplant on a married woman whose 40-year-old sister was willing to donate her own, having already given birth to two children.

The 34-year-old recipient, who lives in England and wishes not to be named, received the transplant during an operation lasting more than nine hours at the Churchill Hospital, in Oxford.

There is currently no “technical feasibility” to perform the operation on trans women due to a difference in the pelvic and vascular anatomy, the shape of the pelvis and issues with the microbiome – the network of micro-organisms that live in the human body, he explained.

The first successful womb transplant took place at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden in 2014. Two years later, the operation was carried successfully once more in the US.

About 50 babies have now been born worldwide as a result of womb transplants.


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