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What would you want them to understand about TS/TG?

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What ideas about TG/TS do you wish people would know and understand?  This can be a multi-item list.

>What  I would like society to know that there are so many faucets to the Transgender community that we as a society can not put it into commonality terms. We are people who feel more in common with the opposite gender than most. Society has given us the two gender way of life, but most people are not your typical male/female type of person. We all have traits that make us a little different.

Then, what three ideas do you feel are the most important that they know and understand?

>1. We are Human Beings and in being human we need to be respected as such.
   2. We need to respect the feelings of others as we transition through life. In doing so will give us the respect that we deserve.
  3. For people to listen to others and not to make rash judgements about the way others look, think or their culture.

Then, what's the single most important idea you wish people to understand?

>I believe the most important idea for people to understand is that we all need respect. We need to give as well as receive respect. I think that if we gave 100% in respect, that it will come back to us twice or three times more that we will ever have gived.


What ideas about TG/TS do you wish people would know and understand?

1. People are unique and this should be celebrated and appreciated.

2. Regardless of nature vs nurture, as Sheila pointed out, all humans transition through life,
    whether it is between careers, relationships, or genders. Our mental emotional needs alter
    with our experiences, needs, and goals. Change is inevitable and should be acknowledged,
    worked through, and accepted. Diversity is fun and exciting. And TS/TG folk merely represent
    a natural reality of human experience.

3. Masculine and Feminine are fluid traits that must exist in some ratio in all humans in order to be whole.
    Feeling pretty, or having style, being strong, stoic, or emotional; these are not absolute truths,
    they are something defined and measured by society, all of value and importance depending
    our unique situations and roles.

I find it hard to simply say what I would like people to understand about TS/TG people. My desire is for humanity to find more balance all around which would in turn help people understand TS/TG and other currently "controversial" and misunderstood realities.

Were I to limit my response to only TS/TG misunderstandings, I would say that, TS/TG people are not sexual deviants and TS/TG issues are not aberrations, but normal people with different interests and mental/emotional needs. But then aren't we all?

Teri Anne:
(1) <not allowed> should not be confused with being gay, lesbian, bi, drag queens, crossdressers or even trangenders.

(2) <not allowed>, just like being gay, is a physiological occurance that has nothing to do with mental abberation classifications devised by psychologists.  The fact that psychologists have the responsibility of giving us the "pass key" to SRS only shows the infancy of "hard-science" physiological standards of proof that presumably will, within a few decades, be discovered.

(3) Most transsexuals do not transition for "sexual kick" reasons of clothes or presentation but rather because, at our core in infancy, we saw we sounded and felt like our moms but were confused "why don't I look like her?"

and, if I may add one more --

(4) If all people are essentially, according to most cultures and religions, SPIRITS, then why should it matter so much to others what we look like on earth if it makes us feel more whole and healthy?

Teri Anne

1. I am human, just like you.
2. This could have happened to you.
3. Sexuality is not part of the equation.

Thank you all who posted here!

You just participated in a brainstorming session to come up with a list of talking points to use when the opportunity or opportunities arise.

It seems the theme running through your responses is, "accept us, and don't make a big deal about us -- just treat us as a member of society," or something like that.

I may put this list to use in the future, but I don't own it -- we all do.  Feel free to make use of it.

Thank you;


P.S., if you feel like adding your talking points, please do!


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