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Annie Social:

I recently started a new blog, Trans in Transition, at I'm hoping that by chronicling my transition in a fairly detailed way, others may occasionally find something useful or at least interesting. I'm also writing on subjects of general interest to TG people, and would love input as to what directions and what subjects I should pursue, as well as any critique of what I've done so far.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Nice blog Annie and very well written. You get right to the point without a lot of fluff to loose the readers interest.

You will most likely run into occasional problems with BlogSpot if you haven't already as they often have server problems. I believe most of it is server overload due to the rapid expansion of bloggers, and it is more often a severe slowdown rather than an outage. It doesn't seem to affect viewing your blog as much as the editing and publishing side, so I assume the former is on separate servers. Before I switched from BlogSpot to PowerBlogs I did my blogging late at night to avoid it.

Anyway your content looks very good although I'm not fond of the black, but that is just my personal taste. If you ever need any help tweaking your template, or editing your layout, I have written quite a few Cascading Style Sheets for BlogSpot including a couple of blogs from scratch for friends that didn't like the templates available.


Annie Social:
Thank you for the nice comments! I have already experienced some of the problems you mention; I've learned to do everything offline in a text editor and then cut & paste into the blog, thus having a backup in case there's a posting problem.

I chose the black simply because, of all the templates available, it seemed the least distracting from the content. As time goes on, I'll explore various modifications to the look and feel; I'm the kind of person who just can't help fiddling with things. Thanks so much for your offer of help; you'll probably hear from me soon!

I love your blog!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to read a few more entries later (I really need to stop doing these late night Susan's stints and go to sleep earlier so I won't fall asleep in class!)

But I read your name change story...I loved it. You're such a great writer and you're very good at explaining to people who may not know or understand :)

Annie Social:
Thank you; I have been remiss in not posting much recently; a lot has happened. I'm hoping to begin posting regularly again soon.


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