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The other day a friend had asked me why it is that if I claim to be a homosexual, than why is it that I dress as a woman and have changed my name to a feminine name. She says that men who like men don't like women and vice versa. The question has had me very perplexed. Yet I couldn't intelligently answer her.  Perhaps it's just due to the way that society sees me. Even though I'm a male who wears feminine clothes, they still label me as being a homosexual. A good friend gave me a good theory that because I prefer men more than I do women than I am a 100% heterosexual woman.

Gina  :)

Hey there Gina.

Check out this thread:,416.0.html


Thanks Stephanie for leading me to that thread. I'll read it thoroughly. It may be the answer and I'll discuss it with my friend. Hopefully I should be able to intelligently answer her about it.  :)

Gina  :)

(...not sure whether to post this in this thread, or the one Steph referred Gina to...)

I know at some point some Neanderthal will call me a (word used only to make a point,) "FAGGOT!!!"  It was in fact a label that I spent many years running and hiding from. 

I found it strange to do that because 1) I had looked deeply within myself, asking myself if I was gay.  The answer that came back was 'no'.  and 2) I personally had no problem or discomfort being around gay men (or for that matter, gay/lesbian women) but shied away from the association in public, lest I be identified by some neanderthal as also being gay (guilt by association...)

Now, what's really interesting is that, since finally figuring out that all these years I've been a trans girl (and didn't know it or wouldn't admit it,) any lingering discomfort with being around gay men has evaporated.

Very interesting, that...


Hi Karen,

I always thought of my self as a straight male (although at times maybe a lesbian in a male body) and now I have no idea of my orientation.  I am certain I am a woman, but have no idea whom I'm attracted to at this point.  I may end up being Bi, by the time I'm done with transition.

If somebody were to come up to me and call me gay, I would say "You're right.  I like women, so that makes me gay."  That's one of the great things about being transsexual, is that the sexual orientation thing is so confusing, that you can confuse anybody trying to insult you.



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