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FTM 2006 Confrence Seattle a gender odyssey

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Kate Thomas:
Ok  i will try this  but be forwarned i have not seen the "post event link" on the calendar. will  it show up after I post?

Seattle, WA
September 1-4 2006
Washington State Convention and Trade Center

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FTM 2006: A Gender Odyssey

Keynote Speaker

J. Bobby Noble is a white FtM <transgender person> guy, and academic. Noble, an assistant professor at the University of Victoria, BC Women Studies department, teaches courses in sexuality, queer theory, masculinity, and transgender studies as well as courses in the construction of anti-racist whiteness. Noble is the author of the recently published Masculinities Without Men? Female Masculinity in 20th Century Fictions and is co-editor of The Drag King Anthology, a 2004 Lambda Literary Finalist. Noble is media spokesperson, secretary, and past president of the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Studies Association.

Performance Artist

Imani Henry is an activist, writer, and performer. He is a graduate of the school of Performing Arts of Emerson College. Currently Henry is touring with his multi-media theatre piece, B4T. He was an Artist-in-Residence at the Brooklyn Arts Exchange for two years where he developed his new multi-media project, Living in the Light about the impact of the African slave trade on the Caribbean peoples in the US.

Register Now!

Not sure if you want to register yet? Here's something to think about. You can save $25 dollars over the late registration fee if you apply now. Follow the links and register today and save your spot in this fun-filled conference - before the price goes up! 

Why a conference on gender?

Gender Odyssey is a place for us to gather together, share our lives, learn from one another, and celebrate our communities.  This conference offers over 60 workshops addressing the practical aspects of trans lives, including: legal issues; intersections of race and gender; coming out to family and friends; transitioning at work; hormones and surgery; and dating, sex, and relationships.  Accompanying events include a vendor fair, art exhibit, BBQ, cabaret, all-ages dance, and more.

This conference is also open to anyone interested in the topics to be covered.   

Whether you are new to thinking about your gender, well-established in your identity, FTM, trans, genderqueer, MTF, part of any of these communities because of the people you love, or simply questioning the role of gender in your life, FTM 2006: A Gender Odyssey is open to you. 

What would you like to see at Gender Odyssey?   

One way to participate is to submit workshop ideas!  The majority of workshops and panels offered at this conference are selected from our attendees’ own programming submissions.  Last year’s outreach efforts were successful in measurable ways and we want to continue in this vein.  We invite and encourage workshop proposals especially in the following areas:

Submissions from people of color on all topics
Older and/or post-transitioned FTMs and transmen
Medical/mental health professionals
Partners—past, present, and future 
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Posted at: April 15, 2006, 12:46:01 AMSusan 
I just dont see the links you refer to.
Kate Alice

From the Calendar page: (via link just under the "News: Please be sure to review The Site Rules" and search box.)

At the bottom of the calendar you should see, "Post Event" text, two of them actually; I believe those are the links referred to.

NOTE that those links are not on this page but rather when you are looking at the calendar.

There is also a "Link to Calendar" link at the bottom of this page, however I am not sure if that will be present for you or not.

Kate Thomas:
Ah  the post event link is there today!  :angel: 
Kate Alice

If I could ever get out of this country I'd go. I sent my citizenship stuff in for change last August and all I get is letters saying 'it's taking a bit longer than we thought it would'. Arrgh. I do love Canada, but would like to step outside it once in a while.


Kate Thomas:
I am confused cant you just cross the border with a drivers licence?


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