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Did anyone find a good job? I seem to find job with people just talk about me, question me, and make me feel like a little ant.  I dont know how i can run from one job to another. I dont even know if anyone willing to accept me.  Waiting to find money for surgery is hard when you got people pull you back and make you feel like nothing.

Morning. Born...

My situation is a bit different from what yours seems to be, and I'm a lot older than you, but perhaps I can offer hope, at least.

I transitioned on the job after I had semi-retired.  There was a little bit of consternation on the part of a couple of younger team members over the bathroom situation which I solved by using a different floor until I had surgery.  Besides, our HR department told them to just "deal with it."  My Navy client and his staff took the change as no big deal.  In fact, they called me out of retirement a year ago, gave me a big raise, and made me project manager again.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel, though, and expect to retire again by summer's end.

What I think I can offer from my experience is two-fold:

1)  If you have a needed skill to offer to a company that's shorthanded, they should be more accepting of diversity.  Even better if their Equal Employment Opportunity policy includes 'gender identity or expression' or at least 'sexual orientation.'  You and I know we shouldn't be lumped under sexual orientation because we're TG/TS/IS, but many others don't.

2)  Work with HR/personnel to map out a transition plan.  If the company makes it clear that it supports you and that no harassment will be accepted, you're that much closer to home free.  Then you just have to be the best, most productive employee in your working area.   My company used Transsexual Workers: An Employer's Guide (Paperback) by Janis Walworth.  Janis has since written a second employment book called Working with a Transsexual: A Guide for Coworkers.

There are also things you need to know about Social Security.  You can change your name with SSA by sending in your court order.  One can no longer change the gender marker without proof of SRS.  So if you apply for work as a female before SRS and SSA gender marker change, SSA will eventually out you to your employer when they verify records.  So be careful.

Best of luck, young lady.

Thanks you very much for your help. You have been very helpful. I guess the only way is to work my way to SRS. I wonder if you also have problem about someone just cant tell which gender you are from different angle. Oh well, i guess it just me. Anyway thanks for your help.

As your body changes, your attitude, changees, and your confidences becomes greater, people probably won't have any problems recognizing your gender.  My only problem arises occasionaly on the phone.  If someone calls me sir, I say, "Actually, it's ma'am," and keep on talking.

I cant wait to change my body. I got no problem on the phone. I do have problem when they see my ID and I'm short so that even worst. :P It's funny I was in military they always got my record wrong. For some reason they always have me as male. Before any treatment i have the half look. Give me to believe that something may happen to me during birth process but no way i can prove it.
Your voice didnt change?


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