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HAWAII transgender rights bill


Kate Thomas:

--- Quote ---Posted: May 3, 2006 06:08 PM

New law protects <not allowed> from discrimination in public places
by Marisa Yamane

Now under state law, <not allowed>, gays and lesbians have added protection.

"It basically prohibits discrimination in public accommodations, so hotels and restaurants won't be able to exclude people based off of their sexual orientation or perceived gender," says Representative Blake Oshiro, D-bill supporter.

"It provides a legal protection and then sets the standard for acceptable -- what's acceptable in our community. And discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity is wrong," says Eduardo Hernandez, executive director of 'The Center.'

--- End quote ---

Hawaii seemed at least from the time I lived there in 95 to have a less homophobic/transphobic attitude from the mainland. A bi female friend pointed this out, she danced Hula and said male Hula dancers were not held in the disfavor they might have experienced on the mainland. I can't say more than that, my experience was limited at the time.
But it leads me to wonder about the connection between native islanders and native Americans. Both cultures have profound and often uncanny connections to the land and to nature as well as being polytheistic and coincidentally  trans tolerant in many ways. Hmm, nature...human nature, wonder if theres a connection?


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