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What do your breasts mean to you? Seriously.

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Come on ladies. I mean I know they're pretty and all, but what's the point of them really?
I mean I like to look at them (even at my own) and they're gorgeous and all.
But is there really any point to them (other than the obvious breast feeding aspect)?

When I hit puberty, I kept expecting my breasts to grow. That's what girls do, right? Now that I have them, I feel much better. Beyond that, they really don't serve much purpose except to give guys something to talk to.
I'd probably like them more if I hadn't had mastalgia twice. OW!

Karen Lyn

I can't sleep on my stomach any more.  I can't run.  They are a part of me and I have no particular attraction to them.

But I can't imagine my life without them. 

That's pretty weird isn't it?


if you don't like your breasts, you don't like your breasts.
I like mine.
They just feel...normal.
Like I'd be missing them if they weren't there.
they remind me of my motherly instinct.
And yes.
There's no reason that you may like, they just feel there like they belong.
They feel normal.
Does that make sense?
I felt weird when they weren't there except when I was a kid.
then it was ok, but I always wanted them.
they feel like me.
in a really weird way.


What they mean to mean me? Well they make me feel not so disgusted with my body. Use them as way to keep up with my progress. Or at least give me a feeling I am heading in the direction I want be going. Even though they small right now I guess they make me feel much more complete.



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