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What do your breasts mean to you? Seriously.

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I love them, I love the breast hormones have given me. I was lucky and HRT landed me D cup breasts. Generics played a role in that as I come from long line of big breasted women (on my mothers side). I am glad I inherited that from her. Ok, I am one of the smaller breasted women in my family.  I also inherited the family bum and thighs . My family carries some junk in the trunk. I inherited all my female traits from my mothers side of the family, but then even as a male, I looked more like my mother than my father.

I love wearing bras and I have worn one daily, for well over a decade now and love wearing a bikini. I love showing some cleavage, so I wear a lot of low cut tops or dresses. The bum and thighs, I don't mind as that ensure dresses fit me well and I rock a pair of jeans. I feel the bigger bum make my bum look amazing in a thong or a g-string. Yes, when I was still single, I have worn a thong bikini in public,

So I want to preface my reply by first saying I am new here and I am not on HRT yet…but I will welcome breast growth once I start.  I have read how painful it is once you begin the process but for me I welcome the pain if it comes with breast growth.  I consider breasts as just one part of developing my female body and I feel cheated that I didn’t go through the correct puberty originally and developed them as I should have.  I missed out on buying my first training bra…seeing them grow to fit my body as I became a woman.  I welcome having to wear a bra due to having breast (when I was married I used to get mad when my ex complained about wearing one).



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