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I've been asked to ask..


So I have a very close friend who is going through a lot of changes.

She is female by birth, However, more and more she is showing a lot of male characteristics.

She has a LOT of facial hair growth.
She has to shave.
Not a lot by male standards, but it grows and is gets long, and fairly prevailant.
Still light by a guys standard, but there nontheless.

Also, she is very strong, which is weird since before puberty she was thin and not.
She used to have trouble opening jars, not so now.

Acne. Lots of it. All over her face.

A deep voice.

And this is personal so I won't say her name, an enlarged clitoris, unusualy big for cisgendered women.
I think she has known high testosterone levels.

It certainly seems like all the signs to me of high testosterone.

It would be unusally high though.

She is 19, almost 20.
She has said that lately she has felt a lot more aggressive like she wants to fight somebody, as well as almost constantly horny.(she is Butch/bi) This has led me to wonder and her as well if she might be intersexxed.
She asked me to ask about this on here since I knew people here.

Well, what do you think?


Posted on: March 17, 2008, 05:59:05 PMOh yeah, she also has a VERY irregular period.
Like once every 1 and 1/2 to 2 months, and when it does hit, can put her down for a week.
Very bad when it hits.

She should get checked for polycystic ovarian syndrome.



Thanks for that.
I will be sure to pass those on.

It might be CAH.
She definitely has hypertension.
It affects her shoulders particularly.
It looks like after figuring it out through  tests it's treatable either way.
They actually use spiro if its PCOS apparently.
They did say they use DianetteĀ®/DianeĀ® as one of the possible treatments.
Is this the same as Diane 35? the highly dangerous drug?
I would want to warn her about that.
I will show her the wiki pages for both and have her talk to her dad about getting her tested.
I think it's probably one of those or a combination.
I appreceate the help.
I'm sure she will too.
That's a great link.
Thanks. both of you!

Much, much, love,


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