Are you creative and if so, how do you mainly express your creativity?

Writing (Poetry, stories, etc)
23 (31.1%)
Visual Arts (Paint, Drawing, Computer Art)
15 (20.3%)
Music (composing, singing, etc)
19 (25.7%)
Other (Anything else, what is it? Explain)
10 (13.5%)
I'm not a creative person
7 (9.5%)

Total Members Voted: 35

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Re: Creativity
« Reply #40 on: November 10, 2008, 08:54:18 pm »
[She most definitely is a poet.  I printed out some of her stuff, it was so good. :icon_yes: ]

I draw.  I used to draw a lot more, but I kind of fell out of practice.  There was one year where I drew a whole lot, and was actually proud of some of it.. but.. between high school getting harder, and then college, and a general lack of the kinds of intense, depressing emotions that always inspired me.. I don't really draw much anymore.  Not with the same kind of fervor and emotion.

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Re: Creativity
« Reply #41 on: March 22, 2019, 04:28:33 pm »
there and back....

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Re: Creativity
« Reply #42 on: April 13, 2019, 06:32:30 pm »
I'll go with visual arts (traditional drawing, with pens and paper, semi-realistic, mostly portraits and fantasy, in colour) although I'm very 50/50 with both that and writing. For my writing it's mostly poetry but also short stories and novels. So those are both my main medias. However, I tend to switch between them and for the past few months it's been more drawing, so that's why I voted that.

But I also do other creative stuff. Like knitting, crocheting, embroidery, sewing my own clothes and remaking old clothes. And occasionally some various forms of crafting like making storage boxes, sculpting (with clay and wood), some jewellery making, and the probably most appreciated form of creativity in this society: thinking outside of the box to tackle problem solving and giving good advice.

Also the oddest artform I do more than occasionally is... making fake dreadlocks for putting in your hair. I make them from synthetic braiding hair by back-combing and crocheting and then sealing them with steam. They're worn by braiding them into small sections of your hair, or braided into a wig. I've only made them for myself so far, but I could probably make money from selling such, if I'd want to. Cause I've done quite many over the years, so had lots of practice and gotten quite good at it. But there's not exactly a big market for such... things.

Creativity is my one strength in life and I've dabbled in pretty much all forms of it, except I'm very bad at making music. I just have zero talent and barely any patience for it. Oh and also I'm not at all interested in making digital art in any form. I just hate working digitally, with the exception of writing.

But whenever I come across a new artform I haven't tried yet, I just gotta try it. I've yet to try more expensive, heavy duty crafting like smithing and working with metal, leather, glass, etc, and I ache for it! Especially cause I really like medieval fashion and weaponry. One day I'm sure I'll try that too though.

I just thought I'd write up a whole bunch of various artforms, in case it could inspire anyone or something. Cause there wasn't a lot of options in the list... even though there's really a lot of variety to it and a lot of it is so much fun!
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