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Just curious, my friend and I were talking about this a few days ago.
How often do you cry?
How do you feel when you cry?
Is it the same amount as before hormones? I'm curious about everyone regardless of gender identity.



I voted "I don't remember the last time I cried," and it bugs me. There are often times when I feel like I'm right on the brink, but the [explicative deleted] tears just won't come. I'm sure I'd feel better sooner if they did.

I used to cry alot more often before hrt. but it was mostly me just full of apathy, with tears streaming down my face, more just tears than actual crying. Whereas now it is a much more dramatic thing. full sobbing, loosing my breath, the whole lot... like a kid throwing a tantrum :D But it is far less frequent, and certainly feels like a release.

I have to get drunk to cry.

Just Mandy:
I did not vote because the amount I cry varies so much and has my my entire life. Sometimes things
just build up and it just happens, maybe related to hormone levels more than anything though.

Since starting HRT  I've cried twice, once after being read when I thought I was somewhat
passable and once just because I was so happy to be where I was, having started HRT and
moving forward.

Prior to that it varied. From age 9 to about 25 it was very easy for me to cry and I had to leave the room,
or change the subject very quickly to avoid being caught when I got older. Older teen boys are just
not supposed to cry and it was very hard because I didn't know the reasons (at the time).
My therapist tells me those were normal female emotional responses and she is not surprised I
had them.

Two years ago was horrible, my emotions were on a roller coaster and I cried often. I'd be sitting at
work and have tears running down my face. There was nothing bad in my life to cause it, externally,
but internally I was a mess and I knew that something had to change.

I think I was really coming to terms with GID and at least subconsciously moving forward
knowing I was going to have to do something but still not wanting to. Just writing that is
making me tear up. :)

When I started thinking more about GID and what was happening internally and why
I was so unhappy the crying stopped pretty much until I started HRT.

Although touching movies have always brought tears regardless of my age. I get so involved and lost
that I lose track that it's just a movie. To this day I don't think my SO knows that I cry during movies.

And "How do I feel"... for the most part it's usually a very good feeling. It's hard to explain but it feels
good to let things out. I know kinda strange :)

So, that's more than you wanted but there it is :)


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