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Death and Taxes dealing with thoughts of suicide

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Death and taxes: dealing with thoughts of suicide

Recently due in part to events in my life, a television show, and the steady progress of time. I have been thinking thoughts of death. We each march inexorably closer to it with every breath we take. Everyone must deal with death in his or her lifetime. It may be a close friend tragically taken from you by an automobile accident, it may be a dear loved one or child who commits suicide, it may be simply someone you know who is taken by a heart attack early on a cold morning.

How we deal with death defines our very being. There are many differing ways to deal with death. You can bury yourself in grief letting it totally overwhelm your life. You can disconnect from all around you totally suppressing your emotions. Or you can celebrate the life of the person, celebrate the many large and the small ways that they made the lives of the people around them better. You can of course miss them greatly. Each passing will leave it's marks in your life however even these will fade over time.

Some of us deal with the thoughts of our own death at many times in our personal lives. Our lives seem to be at a halt. Our personal growth seems stunted. We lost a job. We lost family by divorce or death. We feel aimless and that it has become pointless to continue. We feel the numbness of death would be a welcome relief. We would be wrong. You can celebrate the life of someone that lived it and took it all as it came. However, you can but mourn in grief the life of someone who refused to give it a chance.

Like a fruit on a fruit tree each person starts out as a bud in life. We are a potential that must blossom in order to fulfill the purpose of our life. We bear fruit be it by bearing children or be it by influencing the lives of those around us for the better. Then as all fruit must eventually do we fall from the tree. This is nature's way as the verse heard at so many funerals "Ashes to ashes and dust to dust" makes so very clear.

The moral of this story is simple. While you might consider suicide in your life be sure that you discard that promptly as a choice. Live life, enjoy the good, and cry over the bad. Never attempt to end that what can become better than your wildest dreams. Remember while facing death can help to refocus your hopes thoughts, and dreams. Suicide will end them forever.

Charlie Nicki:
Wow more than 10 years since this was posted. Thanks for that message Susan.

Alice V:
Yeah it'll never become old.
As for me, it's cold-blooded calculations. I don't see point not in life nor in death, but while I alive I can find sense in my existence and if I will be dead I won't find anything.

I have been at the point of suicide twice. Had I seen NO other option I would have followed through. After much soulful deliberation, I DID. But just knowing death was always close at hand gave me the strength to get through many dark days. I have several friends who press on each day, the comfort of the loaded pistol on the night stand by their beds being the only thing that keeps them from pulling the trigger.

My experience taught me to neither condone or discourage a person's decision to take their life. When I encounter someone considering suicide I do my best to help them find all their options, rather than try to influence them to chose one over another.

Allison S:
Yes! There are so many options. Something I do, everyone does, but helps me is food. You can literally replace food with _____, anything! I say just try it, what's there to lose in the moment?

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