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Pain enduring and long lasting. The type of pain that aspirin doesn't help. The type of pain that begins in the center of your head and radiates to the outside. This is how I felt yesterday. I skipped the normal Sunday visit with the parents and niece and nephew. I spent the day in bed and while I was not quite moaning in pain I surely wasn't feeling very well.

I hope you feel better soon, I have the same headaches about every ten days, My doctor has prescribed some steriodal nasal spray for alergies, I hope it works.

Oh Susan, I'm so sorry! Having recently having back surgery I know bad some physical pain can be. I hope you're feeling better now and that it doesn't come back.

Karen Lyn

umop ap!sdn:
Ouch! :(

Susan, since your post was made ALMOST TWO YEARS AGO, I hope you are feeling better by now. ;) ;D

tink :icon_chick:


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