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Hi everyone,

Back again - been awhile since ive been able to post here...
Just created a great little recipe for lunch that some may find appealing, and as always, as healthful as possible...

Smoked Salmon Spinach Hummus Wraps


Pita bread, or other preferred favorite bread/cracker with fairly good protein to carbs to sugar ratios (high in protein value, lower to moderate in carbs, low to moderate in sugars (by direct label comparison)...
A bread ingredient is totally optional - I didnt use one myself, but it would be easier to handle and more appealing to some folks....

Fresh spinach leaves
Any kind of fresh smoked, (edit 5/19 - also to include baked, poached, or broiled salmon (be a little careful if you really need to watch your sodium content, or dislike or cannot consume such for any reason, in which case substitute for the tofu...
Any good quality Tahini Hummus spread, fresh or prepacked (I like Cedar's brands if buying premade/prepacked)
Sunflower nuts
Dried Cranberries
Hot chili peppers (either in hot oil, fresh sliced, or dried flakes, or all of the above, if you're insane like me...) add to taste...
A little Ground black pepper, or Montreal steak seasoning, and/or plain dried Italian seasoning blend spices (or of course, all of the above at once -  (once again - use your own preferred taste preferences, and please don't be afraid to experiment)
Fresh lemon or lime juice

Add'l note - Edit 5/19 - For additional and amazing zing of flavor, try adding a slice of fresh ginger, a couple of fresh basil leaves, cilantro, and/or a slice or two of red or green onions. You may also want to try it with a little cream cheese, fresh feta, or goat's cheese if you have a liking for such...

Just spread out a few leaves overlapping on a plate, using enough to hold a goodly portion of the above ingredients if rolled using the leaves only. If using bread or crackers, just pile it on, to your liking.

Spread with tahini hummus spread, add the salmon or tofu, dried cranberries, nuts, hot chilies, spices, and then spritz liberally with lemon or lime juice. Roll up and chow down with gusto....


This provides an excellent quality, complex high protein value snack/meal, with lots of essential oils/essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, cleansing properties(hot peppers, ginger,), and it takes all of about 5 minutes to prepare.

Just wanted to share... Hope someone out there enjoys this one... I'll start sending in a few more from time to time as i am able...

Lovingly always,



Sounds delicious, although I think if I have someone make this for me, I'll have them leave out the spinach. Mmm, I love fish.
Keep the dishes coming.
Got any good pasta recipes?


--- Quote from: Nero on May 23, 2006, 10:44:51 pm ---Sounds delicious, although I think if I have someone make this for me, I'll have them leave out the spinach.
--- End quote ---

Why?  Don't you want to be like pop-eye? :D



--- Quote from: Melissa on May 24, 2006, 12:30:31 am ---Why?  Don't you want to be like pop-eye? :D


--- End quote ---
No, he's too uncivilized.  :)

I should have said "strong like pop-eye".



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