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A new article on body modification can be found here in the Wiki:

Body Modification

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Yes i beleive all peoples go thru body alterations.
Native peoples also do this. I am part native american it is true.
I Worry all in medical community will try one day stop us or they will want to, from contiue our attempts to become successful women. Seems to me is much more than just the mind ..Is more control they want. THey want control treatments we are able to get. THey fear really men being able to switch for what ever reason. They use bible to hold all down an in place. When in fact bible does not condem. So  much been changed altered an deleted from bible.

Everyone seems to forget the spirit. I believe what we experience is deep cry from soul not to want to born male..I further beleive that cry is because soul an spirit remember life as women we all lived before. In my case that existence I cherish ..but hate for men survives life times.within me...I believe is Krama..What we all experince ..I fear science will try mind alterations on us.Hitler revisiterd ..My fear my comments.Rosie


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