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Transfigurations a photo exibit By Jana Marcus


Kate Thomas:
This exibit introduces you to many of your brothers and sisters.
the photos are (to quote the artist out of context) "a reality beyond ordinary experience"


A slide show exbit of selected photos By Jana Marcus

--- Quote ---In shooting the portraits, I chose to take a formalist approach. The more I learned about the complexity of gender issues, the simpler I wanted the images to be. The stark studio, sans props, does not allow you to judge the subjects by their surrounds. They stare back at you, returning the dominant gaze, asking to be recognized, and confronting the viewer with their presence. I wanted each person to be seen simply as a human being, no different than you and I.

I discovered that gender is both real and illusory, natural and constructed. By capturing the physical and mental transformation from one sex/gender to another, the photos reveal the importance of the body in gender identity, as well as the effects of transformative practices on the body, which creates a reality beyond ordinary experience.
--- End quote ---

Very nice photography and thought provoking text.  This is definitely worth the visit. 

nice. thanks for the link.  8)


Wow......!  That was powerful.

Thank you.


that really hit home thanx



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