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Ah thanks Dena, was sending it to someone else and my pm was being returned to me as blocked!

It's possible to configure an account so it blocks PM's and even I can't send to an account that's up for deletion. I reviewed your setting and everything seems to be in order. If you aren't sure about your account, feel free to PM me and post feed back on this thread if it fails to work.


--- Quote from: EllenP on June 26, 2016, 05:21:17 pm ---Are the news people still looking for volunteers?

--- End quote ---

Sure are!

Hello News Staffers,

    I guess this would go under the suggestion heading of the OP, though its really more of a request. Our vets, active duty, and their spouses (myself included) are currently being threatened by the current administration. This is a serious issue, and not likely to be resolved anytime in the near future. Maybe we could start a thread on the subject and post new developments there as a way for military affiliated to quickly see where we stand. New actions such as the (currently) 2 different States that have filled suit against the TG ban could give those of us that are unaware of it some much need hope and comfort. Currently talking to a few Moderators/Admins regarding making a Military specific Segment of the forum. Until that's in place, a news thread might fill the vaccuum. Thanks for considering and keep up the good work!



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